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The Top 10 most beautiful Parks in Hamburg

Sport, recreation and culture in the Stadtpark (city park)

The large park celebrated its hundredth anniversary in 2014. The concept of the park was to create a "new public park”, where all people can enjoy free access to recreation, arts and sports activities.

Plants and flowers in Planten un Blomen

This enchanting park is located in the heart of the city. Theme gardens such as the Japanese Garden or the Rose Garden are special attractions for visitors. Enjoy in summer the water light concerts on the park lake, which provide at nightfall romantic moments in the park.

Pure nature in the Altona Volkspark

The largest public park in the Hanseatic city was once created for the people of the neighboring city Altona. The concept was the integration of the natural conditions in the architectural planning as opposed to the then popular 'artificiality'. So here nature took primarily its shape.

What does an egg hut do in Jenischpark?

This stunning park, with its wetland meadows, is a protected conservation area. You will find particularly idyll in the so-called "egg hut", a replica of the historic "moss cottage". During the late 18th and early 19th century huts like this were popular places for romantic encounters.

Fishing and sailing in the heart of the city - the Alster lake

Just outside of our relexa hotel is a particularly popular place of recreation. The Hamburg residents love to jog along the banks of the Alster lake, enjoy the quiet moments in the early morning while trying to catch a fish or simply fulfil their sailing passion when gliding across the water.

Tranquility - the Inner Alster lake with its Alsterpark

The Inner Alster lake is a wonderful place to relax. As soon as the first sun rays warm up the air, many Hamburg residents lay on the grass and enjoy being outdoors. The meadows around the banks of the Alster lake are very popular. Simply lay on the grass and watch the people go by, admire the view of the fountain in its center and let the mind drift off. A fantastic opportunity to have a break.

The second largest cemetery park in the world - Ohlsdorf Cemetery

What a peaceful place. Particularly beautiful are the old parts with the historic tombs. Art lovers will find beautiful marble sculptures here. Nature lovers can discover with luck the two owls, which breed every year here. In this park you will definitely find absolute peace and quiet.

The youngest among the parks in Hamburg - Wilhelm Burger Island Park

The youngest parks in Hamburg was created due to the Garden Show in 2013. This stunning project offers a short holiday experience on an island in the middle of the river Elbe, a green jewel reflect modern landscaping.

BBQ and guitar playing in Wohlerspark

This former cemetery was redesigned in the late 70-ies to a park and is up-to-date still a hidden gem. Its symmetrical planting spreads a great calmness. On warm summer evenings the park is a busy place with BBQ’s and music.

Park Fiction in Antoni Park

This park is one of the smallest but certainly the most original of all parks in Hamburg. Thanks to the residents this jewel was created and offers an incomparable view of the port of Hamburg. Palm trees made of steel reflect a touch of the South Seas - well a Park Fiction precisely.

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