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Chocoversum Hamburg

Discover the secret of finest chocolates and create your own bar of chocolate.

Chocolate is more than just a sweet tooth. It makes you happy and it is a stimulant of the ordinary. But what is really special about chocolate? Where did they originate? How is it made? And what does it in our body?

In CHOCOVERSUM you explore the phenomenon chocolate. Each visitor is guided through the exhibition and goes together with the experts on a pleasure trip. You will discover what impact crushers and broker have on chocolate, you will see live how chocolate is made on historical machines, and you will find out why Chocolate is written with a “Ch”.

Let your senses be inspired.

In addition, you also try your hand at being a chocolatier and create your own favourite chocolate from various different ingredients.

The guided tour of the CHOCOVERSUM takes 90 minutes. The tours begin regularly between 10am and 6pm. Groups of 10 or more receive after registration an exclusive tour.

Your relexa event team will be happy to organise a tour for you. Just let us know and we will take care of the rest.

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